miércoles, 28 de agosto de 2019

ESSARP Chess Tournament

On Thursday August 15th, a team of very enthusiastic chess players represented St. Alban’s College at the ESSARP Chess Competition held at Barker College. 

Their teacher, Mr. Marcelo Lucero, and the chess players, Máximo Cervenko, Ramiro Sapia Romalde, Santiago Ferro, Juan Ignacio Bulgheroni, Juan Manuel Pérez Colasanto, Lucas Migliorelli, Augusto Pereyra and Teo Richmond enjoyed the idea of joining an event where they challenged themselves against other players from several different schools.

They were all fascinated and happy when they realized half way through the tournament that they were doing very well but their pride and joy was greater when they became the Junior Champions.

Congratulations to Saint Alban’s Junior Chess Team!