viernes, 22 de junio de 2018

EMUN 2018

ESSARP - Model of the United Nations (EMUN) at St. Catherine´s Moorlands

The purposes of EMUN Conference are to encourage debate and to emphasise international awareness.

Once again, and for the 7th year running, St. Alban's Senior pupils participated in this UN styled debate, which took place at St. Catherine’s Moorlands on June 23rd & 24th, representing different countries and organisations.

We congratulate our students for their effort and global mindedness as well as their understanding of the great need of a better world.

We would also like to congratulate our former pupils Pilar Moreyra and Valentina Grigera for their invaluable commitment towards this model as President of the General Assembly (PGA) and Academic Support Assistant (ACA) respectively.

F. Ansaldo - M. Battistini - J. Cabal Cullen - J. I. Calabrese
S. Carbone - F. Catardi - B. Folco - A. Fuentes - C. Garbarini  M. Lacal del Campo - S. Macieri - M. J. Magua - V. Mattícoli J. M. Mattícoli - M. Meradi - V. Mollura - S. Moya - B. Oliva   M. Ojam Cuñarro - L. Pattetta - C. Pérez Colasanto - L. Vecchi - F. Pérez Lazzari - J. S. Rabinowicz - J. Rocca - S. Raffaghello - J. C. Vibart - V. Vilches Blythe Simpson - N. Zuschterman
Congratulations to all of you!

By Ms. Martina Trucco - EMUN Coordinator